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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Be Vaastupurush and start your rewarding career as Vaastu Consultant

  Become a Vaastu Consultant and live a prosperous life!!

  Vaastupurush invites franchise applications from people, who are interested to create a niche profession for themselves. Now you can be a vaastu consultant by associating with top vaastu consulting brand called VAASTUPURUSH.


Space : An office space (vaastu verified)

                                                     Investment:- 50k
                                                     Franchise Fee:- 1lakh

                                                     Stock inventory:- 50k

                                                      Training will be provided by VAASTUPURUSH

About Vaastupurush

Vaastupurush has been into the field since last five years. The main founder of the brand has a deep knowledge of Vaastushastra and he is one of the leading consultant in India. Due to increase in demand, the concept of  Vaastupurush franchising came into existence. Vaastu purush aims to appoint 15 franchise in the first phase followed second phase of 50 franchise.

You may contact on 07878788999 for vaastupurush franchise inquiry

or mail on

Dvine products invites franchise


Space :- 300 sq ft

Investment :- Rs 3lacs

Franchise fees: 2lacs

ROI:- 35 %

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Raf n Taf ka zamana hai.......

Raf n Taf  - One of the largest Garments 

company for the future, designs, manufactures and sells quality clothes to the best brands and stores across the globe. The company is in the business of men's fashion and is benchmark in India for providing discerning customers the finest quality clothing.

Jeans,T-shirts, shirts, ties and accessories are manufacture. RAF N TAF STYLE has entered the segment of Suits and Trousers, besides successfully launching a club wear brand and a brand in the relaxed luxury segment 

This vast experience affords the brand the ability to predict design trends while working with the largest retailers Nationally, thus providing it with cutting edge expertise to forecast fashion trends. 

These design offices are headed and run by locals who possess the acumen and skills in design knowledge and trends. It is these very design offices, which have helped the RAF N TAF STYLE bring some of the hottest trends in male couture first to the country way before any of its competitors. 

Paras Saluja Sonali KATYAL AND Aeshawrya Shukla are RAF N TAF STYLE's model 

The brand ambassdor of RAF N TAF STYLE is Vijender Singh Beniwal an Indian Olympic boxer 

Reasons for Raf N Taf style to consider expansion thorough multiple channels.. 

“Raf N Taf is planning to initiate the business in a streamlined manner. In order to capitalize the opportunity, the company should consider sustainable growth phase through franchising. Franchise India would develop a model for the Raf N Taf store and expansion through Franchising” 

•Companies intends to venture into newer markets through a mix of company owned and franchisee units. Raf N Taf has the bandwidth to exponentially penetrate the markets through franchising. 

•The company has aggressive growth plans in PAN-India expansion 

•Numerous Operational challenges wherein the franchisee can be the best person to operate the same. 

•It is estimated that the franchisee generally brings in the 10- 15 per cent better efficiencies in the system. 

•Quality man power at cheaper cost, low cost of training and 100% attention to the store will bring its own set of advantages. 

•Company can focus on broader objectives and be “ON Business roles” rather than “IN the business roles”